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Gray divorce is on the rise

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Divorce

Society is increasingly modernizing and normalizing separation for stagnated or unhappy couples. As a result, a larger number of older couples are choosing to end their marriages, a phenomenon known as gray divorce. Here is a rundown of why elderly individuals in Texas might opt for divorce versus spending their later years with their lifelong partners.  

Reasons for elderly couples ending their marriages 

A major reason why older couples choose to get divorced is because the two parties’ ideals and aspirations no longer match. Individuals in new marriages often change their aspirations and objectives to accommodate their new partners, but the pressure to do this typically fades over time. Sometimes elderly spouses are ready to separate from one another versus living with someone who does not prioritize what they value. 

Another reason why two elderly spouses may divorce is because they still have not resolved old issues. When children leave home, older couples may feel less external stress and experience fewer familial distractions and duties. This may allow past hurts, resentment and unaddressed conflicts to resurface. Failure to solve these issues may put distance between the two parties, which may result in divorce. 

How a family law attorney may help 

Whether two spouses have been married for five years or 50 years, the process of getting divorced can be daunting emotionally, financially and legally. Fortunately, a family law attorney in Texas can help someone going through a divorce to seek a just settlement with his or her ex-spouse at the negotiation table, eliminating the need for traditional divorce litigation, which tends to be more stressful and expensive. The attorney will strive to ensure that the individual’s rights are protected during all phases of the divorce proceeding.