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How bird nesting may help children following divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Child Custody

A major concern for parents going through divorce in Texas is how their marital breakup will affect their children emotionally. A growing number of parents are striving to safeguard their children from divorce’s effects by adopting a practice called bird nesting. Here is a rundown on how bird nesting works.

The ins and outs of bird nesting

After many marital breakups, parents decide to sell the family home, which means their children must be shuttled between their parents’ two new homes. With bird nesting, the parents keep the marital home intact and take turns staying there. When they are not at the marital home, the parents can take turns living in a small condo they rent jointly, or they can live with their parents or other roommates.

Research shows that bird nesting may enhance a child’s life in multiple areas, including his or her family relationships. Bird nesting might also have a positive influence on children’s future emotional well-being, education and earning power. This is because bird-nesting arrangements generally provide children with a feeling of continuity and stability. Bird nesting can also save parents money following divorce, as they do not have to buy or rent two separate homes along with the marital home.

How an attorney can help

Navigating matters like child custody and property division can be overwhelming for parents in Texas, but an attorney may help make this process easier. An attorney can help a person going through divorce decide whether to take advantage of bird nesting or sell the marital home and split the profits with his or her future ex-spouse. The attorney can also help the individual create a parenting agreement with the other party that satisfies both parents’ wishes and the children’s best interests long term.