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Why hiring a divorce attorney makes good sense

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2023 | Divorce

People considering divorce in Texas may struggle with societal pressure and complex emotions due to the significant historical and cultural values that marriage holds in the Lone Star State. Consulting with an attorney early in the process may help these individuals make educated decisions rather than being swayed by their emotions. Here are a couple of reasons why speaking with a lawyer when going through a divorce is wise. 

Benefits of legal counsel during divorce 

A marital breakup has many financial and legal implications. Speaking to a family law attorney may help a person develop a critical understanding of his or her options and rights regarding various aspects of divorce. These include child custody and asset division. 

When it comes to assets, an attorney can help an individual safeguard his or her valuable holdings, such as investments, retirement accounts and real estate. The attorney can also help the individual navigate spousal support and child support. The attorney will work hard to ensure that the individual receives what he or she is entitled to. 

Negotiation vs. litigation 

A family law attorney in Texas can assist an individual in seeking a comprehensive and fair settlement with his or her future ex-spouse at the negotiation table. However, if the two parties cannot find common ground regarding their finances or child custody, they will have to go through divorce litigation, where a judge will decide these matters for them. In this situation, the attorney will be prepared to litigate these issues with the goal of achieving the most personally favorable outcome for his or her client.