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Making home transitions easier in joint custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Child Custody

Obviously, spouses in Texas never start a family with the intention of one day tearing it apart. A marital breakup is a scenario that you never really think will happen, yet it becomes a reality for thousands of people every year. If you are a parent, the stress and emotions typical of divorce become greatly magnified. Not only is your marriage over, you’re now left wondering how to move on while also trying to minimize the impact the divorce has on your children.

Your children will benefit the most when both of their parents remain in their lives. This is a big reason why many parents pursue a joint custody arrangement after their divorce. Kids need a stable routine they can count on, so the parent swaps and home transitions that happen in joint custody can take some adjusting to. Here are a few ways you can make home transitions easier and less stressful for your children.

Let them know the schedule

This is a sudden life change for your children, so knowing what to expect can give them a sense of stability and alleviate some of their anxiety. There are many ways in which you can do this. However, something as simple as hanging a printed calendar in their bedroom or in a common space can keep them informed of what’s on the horizon and what they need to prepare for.

Conflict-free transitions

Nothing can make a household change more stressful for children than open conflict between their parents. Obviously, you will never agree with your co-parent 100% of the time. Sometimes, he or she may be the last person you want to see or deal with. Never put the children in the middle or involve them in your disagreements and arguments.

Don’t make them pack

Since your kids will be moving between two homes, it may seem necessary and natural for them to have a bag of their own. However, going between two separate households can feel like constant change and upheaval for the children, and making them pack a bag for every changeover can add to this stress. Supply everything that your children will need, such as clothing, toiletries and other daily items at both houses, if possible. Create an atmosphere where your kids can just be at home instead of unpacking as soon as they step through the door.

Where to go for help

You will likely find that parenting time and household transitions are confusing and unfamiliar at first. But, when you do your homework and facilitate a comforting environment for your children, all of you can adjust to your new normal quickly and easily. Yet, you are not perfect, nor are you expected to be. Fortunately, when obstacles or confusing situations arise, there is professional help readily available.