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How to protect children’s mental health during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Divorce

Although marital breakups can be emotionally trying for the adults involved, their young children could also suffer mentally without proper support. Fortunately, parents in Texas can provide their children with the safe space they need to navigate this process alongside their parents. Here are some ways parents who are getting divorced can reduce the emotional effects of divorce on their children.  

Tips for minimizing negative effects of divorce on kids 

An effective way for parents to protect their children’s mental health when they are going through a divorce is to establish boundaries. This means asking family and friends to give both the parents and the children time and space to process the divorce, rather than asking them a barrage of questions regarding it. Even celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon, asked the public to give them privacy as they went through their divorce proceedings. 

Parents who are getting divorced would also be wise to limit conflict and changes for their children’s benefit. Keeping life consistent is crucial for providing a supportive and stable environment for the kids. This means instituting predictable routines and making sure both parents abide by them. 

How a family law attorney can help 

Parents getting divorced may also want to work together at the negotiation table to create a settlement agreement that satisfies both sides. If they cannot do this, a judge will have to decide matters like child support and child custody for them in divorce court. In either situation, a family law attorney in Texas will seek the most personally favorable outcome for his or her client given the circumstances surrounding the divorce.