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Cultivating a healthy co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2023 | Child Custody

When parents divorce, it may take one to two years for their children to adapt to life post-divorce. However, if the parents are dedicated to co-parenting their children in a healthy way, this can make the transition process easier. Here are a couple of ways to create positive environments for children facing these issues in Texas. 

What successful co-parenting looks like 

Co-parenting following divorce can be successful if the parents are clear about the boundaries and roles of other members of the family, including potential stepparents. For instance, it may make sense for the parents to agree that no stepparent will parent the children. Instead, the stepparents could assume a role similar to that of the children’s favorite aunts and uncles. 

It is also important that co-parents discuss their roles in depth with each other. As part of this process, they should ideally plan their children’s educations, support them financially and emotionally, and cooperate regarding extracurricular clubs and activities. If the parents can view themselves as members of the same team, they can more easily support their children and one another when issues crop up. 

How a family law attorney can help 

A parent who is considering getting divorced should consult a family law attorney at the earliest opportunity. The attorney can guide the parent through the negotiation and drafting of a fair and comprehensive parenting plan that addresses child custody, visitation and child support. In this way, both parents can be on the same page about the schedules, attitudes and goals they will follow while raising their children. The attorney will focus on ensuring the client’s rights and the children’s best interests are upheld during each stage of the divorce proceeding.