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Items to include on a divorce process checklist

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Divorce

Because a Texas divorce process can be challenging from a legal and emotional standpoint, having a detailed divorce checklist can come in handy. This type of list can provide much-needed direction and clarity at a time of upheaval. Here are a few items that are important to include on a divorce checklist.

Compiling essential documents

Getting important documents together is an important first step to take after deciding to end a marriage. These documents include life insurance policy information, bank account statements and statements for credit cards. They also include statements for investment and retirement accounts, previous tax returns and even employment contracts.

Speaking with a financial expert

Enlisting a financial advisor’s assistance is another important step to take early in the divorce process. This is particularly important if two spouses share a considerable number of assets, such as real estate and retirement accounts. The advisor can take an inventory of a couple’s shared assets and offer advice on dividing these assets in a manner that meets his or her client’s financial needs.

Hiring an attorney

Hiring an experienced family law attorney right away is also important. This is true even if the divorce is not contentious. A savvy Texas family law attorney can work alongside the financial advisor to help a client pursue his or her fair share of assets. Equally, if not even more critical, the lawyer can also help navigate issues like child custody and child support, increasing the odds of achieving the best possible outcome for one’s unique circumstances.