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Couples counseling may prevent divorce in certain scenarios

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2022 | Divorce

Couples counseling might be able to help spouses in a struggling marriage in Texas to resolve their issues over time. However, it does not work in all situations. Here is a rundown on when seeking couples therapy makes sense and when it may not be useful, in which case divorce might be the best option for two at-odds spouses. 

When to seek couples therapy 

Pursuing couples therapy may be a good option for spouses who have attempted to address issues in their relationship but to no avail and therefore need help in this area. Likewise, spouses can use therapy as an opportunity to discuss hard-to-bring-up matters in a neutral setting. Couples therapy can furthermore be helpful for tackling the emotions surrounding big life changes, like a parent’s death, a job loss or the arrival of an infant. 

When it might not make sense to seek couples therapy 

Couples therapy may not be the best option for a married couple if abuse or unmanaged violence is taking place in the marriage. In the same way, this type of therapy might not be fruitful if one of the spouses is already romantically involved with somebody else. Finally, couples therapy will not work if either party refuses to take part in therapy. 

Where to turn for help and support 

When couples therapy is not an option for two spouses in Texas, filing for divorce may be inevitable. Fortunately, an experienced family law attorney can help a divorcing individual to seek a comprehensive and fair settlement with the other party when it comes to matters such as asset division and child custody. Of course, if achieving a settlement is not possible, one’s attorney will be prepared to litigate any unresolved issues with a focus on securing an outcome that is in the client’s future best interests.