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Tips for reducing stress in the years following divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Divorce

Changes following the dissolution of a marriage in Texas can cause stress in a number of ways. For one, divorced individuals’ financial circumstances might change as they adjust to lower standards of living. In addition, co-parenting–related conflicts and concerns about children might cause chronic stress post divorce. A couple of tips can help with mitigating the stress that comes from divorce long term. 

How to reduce post-divorce stress 

One of the best ways to keep stress levels as low as possible following divorce is to seek support from family and friends. Therapists can also prove to be a valuable part of a person’s post-divorce support system. Through therapy, divorcing individuals can master the process of coping with divorce-related tension in a positive way that preserves their health. 

Minimizing stress after a divorce proceeding is also possible by focusing on developing oneself. For instance, newly divorced individuals may benefit from adopting new hobbies or work, as well as finishing their education, for example. They can also take steps to develop their existing careers. Finding new traditions and friends might also help to make the transition to life after divorce easier. 

Legal support can also prove invaluable  

Hiring an experienced Texas family law attorney as soon as possible may also help divorcing individuals keep stress at bay after the end of their marriage. This is because one’s attorney can, for example, push for a fair division of assets at the negotiation table. This can help to ensure that his or her client’s financial best interest will be protected in the years ahead. A savvy attorney can also pursue a parenting agreement that ultimately reflects the client’s wishes and, most importantly, the children’s best long-term interests as well.