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How older divorcing individuals can support their adult children

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

The process of divorce in Texas affects more than the two spouses going through it. It can also take an emotional toll on their children, even if the kids are grown. Here are a couple of ways in which individuals who are getting divorced at older age — also known as going through a gray divorce — can support their adult children during this life change. 

Be patient with the adult children 

Even adult children may grieve over the loss of their parents’ union. In line with this, they may feel uncomfortable with their parents dating other people following the end of their marriage. It makes good sense to avoid expecting any adult kids to accept their dating right away. Instead, it may take some time to adjust to the situation emotionally, just as younger children would. 

Listening to the adult children 

Individuals who are going through a gray divorce may also want to take time to listen to their children’s experiences and feelings during the divorce. This is important because adult children might be inclined to withdraw from their divorcing parents to avoid conflict with them. Going to counseling with the adult children could also help with improving their communication as a family and keeping their relationships intact post-divorce. 

Where to find help and support  

Marital dissolution can be difficult to navigate emotionally. Fortunately, there is professional assistance readily available to those facing these challenging times. An experienced Texas family law attorney can carefully evaluate a divorcing individual’s unique situation to determine the best means of approaching certain matters, such as property division and spousal support, for instance. This can provide much-needed peace of mind during what is sometimes a contentious time, and it can increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome given the circumstances.