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The ideal child custody arrangement for your family

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

When you are navigating divorce, you understand that this process can take a toll on the youngest members of your family. As a parent, you want to do everything possible to minimize the damage that your divorce can have on your children, and this is why you want to carefully consider your options for child custody and visitation. One thing that may be helpful during this time is to understand what your options are regarding custody and visitation. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to child custody, and what works best for your family may be tailored to the details of your individual situation. You have the ability to create a custody and visitation plan that allows your kids to have stability and security long-term while also protecting your parental rights. In addition to considering legal and physical custody, you will benefit from considering the needs of your children above all else. 

The difference between legal and physical custody 

There are different types of custody you will want to consider as you think about how to create the ideal custody arrangement for your family. There are two main types of child custody, legal custody and physical custody. The main differences between these categories include: 

  • Physical custody – Physical custody refers to the amount of time a child will be with his or her parent. This includes weekend visitation, summer vacations, holiday schedules and more. A clear and equitable division of parenting time may be ideal for your family.  
  • Legal custody – This refers to the right that a parent has to make important decisions for his or her child pertaining to education, religious training, medical training and more. Parents may share this responsibility, or one parent may retain legal custody. 

An arrangement in which you and the other parent share parenting time and other parental responsibilities may be ideal for your family. However, the specific way you address legal and physical custody should be based on what will be best for your children and work best for your unique family. 

A strong future for your children 

The terms of your parenting plan will affect your Texas family for years to come. When making decisions that will determine child custody and visitation, you will benefit from thinking long-term about the choices you are considering. Regardless of the wishes of either parent, the ideal custody plan is the one most suitable for the best interests of the kids.